What $250,000 buys in Denver and three other real estate markets

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Recently, I’ve begun to see real estate listings in Globeville and Elyria Swansea on consumer-oriented sites like Redfin and Zillow. Here’s one, for example.

Naturally, the listings also seem to be a bit cheaper per square foot. Is it the northward creep of gentrification? Too soon too say, but it’s well worth watching.


This little charmer sits inside Elyria Swansea and promises easy access to downtown. Could you live with being a gentrifier if it meant an home that cost under $300 per square foot?

Colorado Springs

Your eyes deceive you, that’s not actually a home with oddly small window and balconies on the second floor, it’s just an orange ranch. You would get three bedrooms with this particular orange ranch.

Los Angeles

Last night, I watched a wonderful film called “City of Gold” about how restaurant critic Jonathan Gold bridges cultural gaps with his food criticism. If you would like to eat your way to some semblance of cultural understanding, as he has, you could do worse than this house. On the other hand, we’re pretty scant on other details here.


Pickings in Seattle are pretty slim at $250,000. The most enticing listing was this one that’s boring yet desirably-located studio with a murphy bed.