Airbnb wants more hosts in Denver, and it’ll pay $200 to get them

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"You can imagine that Denver is very popular now, with some of your new laws," Adam from Airbnb told me. Then, he offered a $200 cash bonus that comes once I host a guest with the vacation rental site.

I got this call because I attended an Airbnb event back in June, a "happy hour vinyasa flow yoga class" with matcha "hand-carried in from San Francisco," and essential oils.

Since then, the company called twice and emailed once, enticing me and who knows how many others to join the service.

After all, "Airbnb hosts in Denver make on average $3,200 per month in the summertime," according to their 2015 averages.

"We've been given a list that says hey, these are the markets where we have increased demand and we need more people that are interested in hosting," Adam explained.

The push for hosts from the company comes roughly six months before Denver will require short-term rental licenses across the city. After Dec. 1, the city may begin issuing fines of nearly $2,000 to people hosting others without the proper paperwork.

Update: Via email, an Airbnb spokeperson said, "In cities like Denver, we often organize events for the community to educate them on the benefits of hosting. As you know, Denver is a popular destination for travelers and what better way to truly share the city than by hosting on Airbnb!"

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