We want to know what’s on your mind!


We always want to know what you’re thinking here at Denverite. It’s about being a good neighbor — we live here too — and hearing from you helps us deliver you news that’s relevant and useful.

That’s why we’ve started a new series aimed at your neighborhood curiosities. Submit your questions here, we’ll put it up for a vote, get back to you with answers, and everybody wins!

We’ve already hit the ground on queries like “How can Denver be more walkable?” and “What makes an effective neighborhood organization?”

So… what’s on your mind?

Here’s what we’ve tackled so far:

What makes some neighborhood organizations more effective than others?

What can Denver do to be more walkable?

Why is the Capitol building two different colors?

What’s up with all those stone lions in Capitol Hill?

Are there any American Elms left in Denver?

Why is some Denver high school architecture so dang fancy?