WSJ: Denver residents have “deep-rooted habits” when it comes to parking

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Consider this as you read stories about Humboldt residents protesting a proposed 108 micro-unit building without parking.

Denver developers are finding that residents clamor for parking even after a building with one parking space per unit is constructed. 

From a September WSJ article:

"Developer D4 Urban LLC successfully leased mostly studio and one-bedroom apartments adjacent to a rail stop in Denver with a 1:1 ratio of parking space to unit, but noted that post-occupancy surveys show that residents still want ample parking spaces.

"'While there is a menu of options for residents — Uber, light rail, bicycle — people still endeavor to own a car to get to the mountains,' said Chris Waggett, chief executive of D4 Urban, adding that future projects with bigger apartments will revert to the more-typical 1:1 parking space to bedroom ratio."

Hat tip to the Denver Fugly group for resurfacing the article.

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