If you don’t want to vote for Darryl Glenn after watching this ad, you might want to buy nutritional supplements from him

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Someone else already made the P90X joke, and I am no plagiarist. But you have to check this out. Here's Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn's new ad.

There's also a three-minute web version that blasts Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet's record on nearly every front. He lays the killing of Christians in Syria and child sex trafficking in Colorado at Bennet's feet, but then makes an interesting pivot to say that he understands the pain of being stopped by police due only to the color of his skin and the difficulty of working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

It's a pretty significant difference in tone from Bennet's ads, which are calm and talk-y and studiously uncontroversial. They almost invariably feature proud rural Coloradans talking about how Bennet helped them get something done.

Here's one example:

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