Eight in Colorado hospitalized with the flu this season

The CDC reports a light flu season. In Colorado, eight have been hospitalized.

Flu shot. (KOMUnews/Flickr)

Flu shot. (KOMUnews/Flickr)

Here’s a friendly reminder: it’s flu season.

So if stress at home, at work or in the voting booth has got you feeling less than 100, make some tea and grab a nap, stat!

Since Oct. 2, there have been eight total flu related hospitalizations in Colorado, including one in Denver County. Although the CDC reports flu activity has been light this season, Colorado is reporting slightly more cases this year than last year at this time and slightly more cases than neighboring states.

(Courtesy of the CDC)

(Courtesy of the CDC)

Six cultures tested positive for influenza A, subtype H3N2, and one for H1N1. There are vaccinations available that cover both (and two more) this year, but the CDC recommends vulnerable individuals get vaccinated early on. 

Vaccinations are only known to be 50 to 60 percent effective in completely staving off the virus, but can reduce symptoms and risk of death in the elderly and other vulnerable populations.

Where to get a flu shot:

Primary care doctors and most pharmacies, including Albertson’s, CVS, Safeway and Walgreens, provide flu vaccinations. Or use this handy dandy flu vaccine finder, courtesy of the CDC:

And Kaiser Permanente is offering higher dose vaccinations for the elderly and immunocompromised individuals, although the CDC is still conducting research on the effectiveness of heightened doses. 

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