Mayor Michael Hancock after Trump’s election: Denver has your back

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Without mentioning President-elect Donald Trump by name, Mayor Michael Hancock has issued a video statement telling residents that Denver has their back and will keep fighting for what's right.

"I know many of you are feeling uncertain and anxious and even fearful with this change," Hancock said. "I hear you. ... I want to be clear. You can count on me, and you can count on your city. We've got your back. We've all heard the unwelcoming and dangerous rhetoric. Denver will never sacrifice the values that make this community great: inclusivity, openness and a penchant for succeeding together."

Denver, Hancock said, will remain a place where "love is love in the eyes of the law," where women are empowered and respected, where we "strive to keep our immigrant families together and provide them opportunities to succeed," where we make the city a great place for children to grow up and where we "reject discrimination" in all forms.

"We should expect the best of ourselves even in the hardest of times," he concluded.

And he asked people to make a plan for how they will support their neighborhood and their city.

And there's a place where you can tell the city what you, personally, commit to doing to keep Denver a welcoming place.

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