March for Truth Denver wants to know what’s going on between the Trump administration and Russia

March for Truth Denver will call for an independent commission with subpoena powers. It is also calling for congressional investigations to continue.

Tay Anderson addresses the crowd during a rally to demand an investigation into Donald Trump's connections to Russia at Civic Center Park. March 18, 2017. (Ashley Dean/Denverite)

Tay Anderson address the crowd during a March 18 rally at Civic Center Park to demand an investigation into Donald Trump's connections to Russia. He'll be speaking again Saturday in Commons Park during the March for Truth. (Ashley Dean/Denverite)

Denver will be one of 94 cities across the country to host a March For Truth rally this Saturday as new revelations regarding possible ties between the Trump administration and Russia continues to surface. The purpose of the rally is to call for an independent commission with subpoena powers. It is also calling for congressional investigations to continue.

In a press release, organizers of the event called the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Trump administration “one piece of the puzzle,” with further action still required. Organizers quoted Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee: “The appointment of a special counsel does not relieve Congress of its responsibility to conduct oversight of the Trump Administration.”

“Our shared goal is to stand with the nearly 100 other cities across this nation to send a message that we have questions we strongly believe deserve the proper investigations and with that the oversight and resources such a process requires,” said Jessica Chauvin, co-organizer of the March For Truth Denver rally.

Indivisible Colorado District 6, MoveOn Front Range, Strengthening Democracy Colorado and DemEnterCO are all participating in the event. The confirmed speakers include state Rep. Joe Salazar, who is running for state attorney general, and state Sen. Andy Kerr, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to replace Rep. Ed Perlmutter in Congressional District 7. Perlmutter is running for governor.

“The entire time we’ve been planning this, we’ve been expressing how we know something needs to be done, but the questions are how and what does it all mean — so we seized on this to also be an educational opportunity in an effort to empower constituents through knowledge,” Chauvin said.

Among the speakers is Tay Anderson, a recent Manual High School graduate and student body president who is a school board candidate for Denver Public Schools.

“I always attend every rally, and I always speak when I have a chance so that there is always a young person speaking at these rallies,” said Anderson, 18. “We need to work for progressive values so that we don’t have another President Trump.”

What You Need To Know:

Colorado’s March For Truth rally starts at 11 a.m. Saturday in Commons Park, rather than in Civic Center Park, where many rallies and marches have taken place.

Following the speeches, demonstrators will march down Little Raven Street to 16th Street, starting around noon. The march will end at the Highland Bridge. Streets won’t be closed off, and marchers will be expected to follow traffic rules.

The March For Truth Denver’s Twitter page is encouraging demonstrators to wear red, white and blue.

The rally is intended as a peaceful demonstration, and the event’s website asks participants to de-escalate confrontations with people opposing the rally.

“One thing we do want to highlight is — for those who wish to march — the need to abide by traffic laws, mainly crosswalks, and to not impede traffic as streets are not closed off,” said Chauvin. “We will have trained marshals at various strategic points to assist with flow. We will have dumpsters for our garbage. Our goal is to leave the grounds better than we found it.”