Denverite is hiring!

We are accepting applications for someone who can help us cover Denver, including but not limited to the 2018 election, and engage our audience, including on social media and at live Denverite events.
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A view down Colfax, featuring the Lion's Lair, Pete's Kitchen, the Satire Lounge and John's Liquors. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Here’s the short version: We are losing someone who is a hybrid editor/reporter and we are accepting applications for either the same combination or for a straight-up reporter who can help us cover Denver and engage our audience, including on social media and at live Denverite events.

What are the responsibilities?

The new hire will, as all Denverite staffers do, cover a wide range of local issues, but likely areas of coverage include the already wacky and hotly contested 2018 gubernatorial race and other 2018 election issues, how Denver is changing, and occasional rotating areas of focus.

If we hire an editor/reporter, the split is about 50/50, but varies from week to week. It’s a great first editing job with a great team.

In all cases, the abilities to plan ahead and to work quickly are critical.

Who are you hiring?

The ideal candidate will:

- have deep experience in local news -- knowledge of the Denver metro area is a definite plus, although if you have demonstrated the ability to develop a beat in a new city in the past, let’s talk

- have strong attention to detail

- generate great story ideas across multiple topics that speak to varied, real, human experiences of living in Denver

- be able to find room for voice and humor in their work

- provide a perspective not currently well represented in the Denverite newsroom

- be willing to dive into group reporting projects

- be willing to engage with readers and represent Denverite in the community -- Denverite staffers help create and host or moderate live events with our audience, like our 2016 election night party or our more recent event focused on homelessness and housing insecurity

- be committed to earning and maintaining a loyal, trusting audience

Assistant editor candidates do not necessarily need editing experience, but should be able to talk comfortably about times they’ve mentored or edited others, be it newsroom interns or some other outside relevant experience.

Listing experience levels is tricky and problematic, but neither of these positions is a straight-out-of-school job and neither requires decades of harrowing newsroom experience.

We strive to build an exciting, inclusive, diverse, nimble and rewarding workplace. We started from zero less than two years ago, and this is an opportunity to be part of shaping the future of local journalism.

We know there are great candidates who won’t fit everything we’ve described above, or who have important skills we haven’t thought of. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

Women and people of color strongly encouraged to apply.

How are you hiring?

Please send an email to [email protected] with either “Assistant editor application” or “Reporter application” in the subject line.

Just put your cover letter -- nothing stilted and overly professional, please use a casual, comfortable voice -- in the body of the email. Include links to some of the work you’re proudest of, placing an emphasis on variety. Also include links to social media accounts where you’re publicly active. And, of course, attach a resume.

Why are you hiring?

Our wonderful colleague Erica Meltzer has accepted a job as Colorado bureau chief at Chalkbeat, and we’re thrilled for her, for them and for Colorado news consumers who will continue to benefit from Erica’s talent.

What’s Denverite?

Denverite is for the curious and concerned in our ever-changing city. We’ve got reporting from the Capitol and from City Hall, eyes on new development in Denver neighborhoods, guides to weekend fun and much more. We hold live events that help inform, engage or entertain our audience. And we send out a morning email -- you should probably read several of these before you apply -- designed to help people understand their city and find the best journalism, whether it’s ours or not, in just a few minutes each day.

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