Air quality conditions along the Front Rage listed as moderate as a wildfires send smoke over the region

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A screenshot from the EPA’s AirNow map showing good to moderate air quality conditions along the Front Range.

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment’s air pollution forecast is listing moderate air quality conditions for the Front Range on Thursday, though visibility was expected to improve from poor to good-to-moderate in the afternoon.

The department says there are moderate concentrations of both ozone and fine particle matter, and the EPA's AirNow website shows most parts of the Denver metro area have moderate or good air qualities.

Nitrogen and carbon monoxide levels are good, but "unusually sensitive people” are advised to not be outdoors for too long between noon and 10 p.m.

Denver seems to be missing the brunt of poor air quality conditions seen in southeastern Colorado, which is under an air quality health advisory from the state's health department due to the wildfire smoke. There are currently two wildfires listed on the department’s website that are affecting Colorado’s air quality, including Buffalo Mountain in Summit County (91 acres), andTrail Mountain in Utah (9,554 acres). The state is monitoring a wildfire in Badger Creek in Wyoming (7,034 acres), but winds are keeping most of the smoke above the Colorado state line.

The state's public health website lists multiple grass fires near Watkins in Adams County as producing “visible smoke” east of Denver on I-70. The website says there’s not public hazard at the moment. FOX31 reported the fire has prompted some evacuations.

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