Uber has a new rewards program coming to Denver

Uber has now launched a trio of pilot programs in the Denver area.
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A screenshot of the new rewards program. (courtesy of Uber)

Rideshare giant Uber will launch a third of three pilot programs for ride-sharers in the Denver metro area. It's called Uber Rewards, and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Uber will essentially offer reward points and gain status levels for using their services like ride-hailing and Uber Eats. The levels come with different perks, like a $5 Uber balance for every 500 points, flexible cancellations so you can cancel that Uber you weren't ready for within 15 minutes, access to better customer service and waived delivery fees on three Uber Eats orders every six months.

"Denver is an important city for us. It has a very strong base of riders, so we've determined it's a great place to pilot new products," Nathan Hambley, an Uber spokesperson, said.

The other pilots that are operating in the city are Uber's Ride Pass and Uber Pro, and while Denver is one of nine cities testing Uber Rewars, it's the only city with all three Uber programs at the moment.

Ride Pass is an attempt to help riders secure prices by paying a subscription fee that will help them avoid the fluctuation of the price of a trip to work and the much steeper cost of the ride home during rush hour. Uber Pro is aimed at drivers, and is intended to open up benefits for their contracted workers including things like increased pay and discounts on car maintenance.

Hambley said Uber feels that Denver is open to new transit options, a point Mayor Michael Hancock likes to make, and these pilot programs will be an addition to Denver heading that direction.

"These offerings along with other initiatives -- like the expansion of JUMP bikes to more cities where we operate --will hopefully help us get there sooner," Hambley said. "Uber, in combination with mass transit, cycling, and walking, is working to build a reliable long-term alternative to car ownership"

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