Things Denver is doing while socially distancing: The Finals!

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This is still amusing.

Ladies and gentlemen, social isolators of all ages: Let's get ready to rumble - together, but separately in our own homes.

That's right, folks, we've made it to the final vote in our social distancing bracket. The social and ambitious quadrants are each represented in this final showdown. It's "Get Fit" versus "Video Chat Cocktail Hour." Are you surprised? Were you not already doing both of these things from home?

To be sure, we heard some of you were at home "Shaking Fists At Sky," "Writing A Novel" and "Developing A New Language," among other things. Keep being weird, Denver, we love you for it. But in the world of this all-important vote, there can only be one.

There can only be one.

Here's a direct link to the voting form. It's also right below!

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