Denver Zoo’s new baby boy sloth needs a name. Here’s how you can help name him

The zoo is asking for a $5 donation per vote.
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A baby sloth and its mother lounge at the Denver Zoo. (Courtesy Denver Zoo)

Remember the Linne's two-toed sloth born at the Denver Zoo last month?

Well, he (yes, it's a boy) needs a name. And for a $5 donation per vote, you can help name the healthy pup.

You can choose from three names: Rain, Wicket, and Cappuccino. 

Rain is inspired by the tropical rainforest from which the species originates. The Linne's two-toed sloth species is found all across South America.

Wicket is named after Wicket W. Warrick, the brave young Ewok who joined the Rebellion and aided in the battle against the Empire. This name would continue the "Star Wars-" themed family naming system, as his older brother is named Wookie.

Cappuccino is a compliment to the pup's café con leche coat. It's sweet, even without the added sugar.

The little guy has been nursing with his mother, Charlotte, and guests are encouraged to stop by the Zoo to try to catch a glimpse of the sloth family in their Tropical Discovery Habitat.

The fundraiser will run for the next four weeks and the pup's name will be revealed in late March.

For more information about the naming contest, click here.

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