The town of Rangely’s giant water tank sounds amazing

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The town of Rangely's pride and joy is a 60-foot water tank that makes every sound ethereal.

Starting today, the sonic laboratory will be opened to the public on Saturdays as a permanent new cultural center, as Jason Blevins details in a feature for The Denver Post.

Blevins' piece is definitely worth a read. It has some fantastic quotes, and the full history of the place. Meanwhile, we've compiled a few videos of the tank in action, plus a little bonus from Iceland.

Even the smallest sounds get huge.
Layered together, they start to sound like nothing you've ever heard.
The people who use it most often seem to have a spiritual connection to it.

Here's that thing from Iceland I promised you.

Of course it's Sigur Rós. They performed some years ago at an old herring processing factory in Djúpavík, at the end of a long, lonely coastal road.

Giant circular buildings are awesome.

Maybe we should build some more.

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