Peabody Energy wants to pay its property taxes

Small jurisdictions face a financial crisis where the mining company is the primary taxpayer.
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(Flickr/Paul Sableman)

(Flickr/Paul Sableman)

DENVER (AP) — Peabody Energy is asking a bankruptcy court to allow it to pay property taxes across the country, saying its failure to do so has been a burden on jurisdictions where the mining giant was the key taxpayer.

In a motion filed earlier this week in federal court in St. Louis, Peabody says it had incurred nearly $30 million in property taxes. In a statement emailed to The Associated Press Friday, the company says it expects its request to be heard later this month.

Thursday, a tiny Colorado school district that faced a financial crisis because Peabody missed a property tax payment got a million-dollar bailout from the state board of education. South Routt schools will repay the money when Peabody pays its taxes.

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