Southwest fixed the problem that grounded hundreds of flights yesterday

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  • Southwest fixed the problem that grounded hundreds of flights yesterday, but you should still get to DIA extra early (DP)
  • A state government fight could end the Stanley Film Center and other projects (DBJ)
  • Is Union Station North a thing now? (Westword)
  • Buy a season ticket holder a drink: the Rockies have been bad at home. Wednesday's 11-3 loss to Tampa Bay was the latest example. (MLB)
  • A Denver Papa John's fired an employee who wrote a slur on a pizza box (9) ????
  • WATCH: An inside look at a Colorado marijuana farm (ABC)
  • A Colorado lab is breeding an army of bugs to kill other bugs (we've seen this movie, right?) (KUNC)
  • Meanwhile, in Nederland, a lemur bit a child near the Carousel of Happiness (BDC)

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