Glendale says the show will go on for its troubled $150 million entertainment district

staff photo
A rendering of Glendale 180.

A rendering of Glendale 180. (Courtesy of the city of Glendale)

The city of Glendale plans to move forward with building a $150 million entertainment district, even though the city tucked within Denver secretly lost its developer months ago.

The public didn’t learn Houston-based Wulfe & Co. was no longer working on adding a hotel, bars, restaurants and other tourist venues to the banks of Cherry Creek until Tuesday, when the Denver Business Journal broke the story.

A lot of money is on the line for the 5,200-person city of Glendale and other stakeholders involved with the so-called Glendale 180 project slated for the “blighted” area near Colorado Boulevard and Virginia Avenue.

The project would be another big sales tax generator in addition to the retail areas that Glendale has already carved out of Denver proper.

And even though Glendale doesn’t know if it will select another big developer or multiple smaller ones, the city is pushing on.

“We are still moving forward with the Glendale 180 project. There is no lack of resolve on that project,” deputy city manager Chuck Line told the Denver Post after the story broke.

Construction on Glendale 180 was originally expected to start during fall 2015 and wrap up in 2017. It’s unclear if the project will still be completed during the first half of next year.

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