Telecommunications provider lays off Denver staff ahead of company split

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Nearly 60 workers in Denver will lose their jobs as Integra Telecom Holdings Inc. splits into two companies.

The Washington-based telecommunications company announced the downsizing and split Thursday. Integra plans to continue its operation in Colorado, but it's unclear how many employees will remain at the office along South Broadway in Denver.

Integra will serve small- and medium-size businesses and customers in Colorado, Minnesota and North Dakota, according to company documents. The company is spinning off its fiber network division, Electric Lightwave, to work with enterprises, governments and wholesale carriers.

The downsizing in Denver was part of a 10 percent overall workforce reduction by Integra, according to The Oregonian.  Integra will keep 17 percent of the remaining employees. The rest will go to Electric Lightwave.

Integra employed about 1,900 people in July, according to LinkedIn.

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