The redesign of DIA could transform the main terminal, and make room for some fun stuff

The security area would be moved. There might be ziplines. Council will decide soon on a $9 million “pre-development” contract.

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Denver took a big step yesterday toward rebuilding Denver International Airport, and now we have a better idea what that could look like.

The city wants to work with a private developer to rebuild the Great Hall — aka the giant open area where you wait in line for security. Originally, it was meant to be more like a mall than a waiting area.

The new plan could:

  • Move the security line from the main floor up to the north side of the sixth floor. (The sixth floor only covers two strips on the left and right side of the building.)
  • Consolidate all the ticketing desks on the south side of the sixth floor
  • Make a “more pleasant, more efficient and more secure” screening process
  • Bring in new food and retail outlets

    Conceptual layout for Denver International Airport redesign (DIA)

    Conceptual layout for Denver International Airport redesign (DIA)

What would they do with all that new space on the main level?

The options include a climbing wall and a zipline, the Denver Post reports. (Check out their story for more of the nitty gritty.)

Plans are far from complete, but the city is almost ready to hire a team of developers, led by the company Ferrovial, and also including Magic Johnson.

To start with, the Denver City Council will decide soon whether to pay the developers $9 million for six months of preliminary planning. The full project, of course, will cost a lot more than that.