Denver B-Cycle users are weirdly predictable

Here and back again, a B-Cycle’s tale.
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The most popular stations of 2015.

The most popular stations of 2015.

Here and back again, a B-Cycle's tale.

Turns out when 67,194 users go on 363,002 trips in a year, they mostly stick to the core of the city. With all those big dots downtown, you can see why B-Cycle's administrators are focusing on adding more stations in the city center.

Even when you compare where users start their trip and end it, we are about as adventurous as the noble Hobbit.

For the most part, users started and ended their trips at the same rate for each station during 2015. In fact, six of the top 10 most popular trips ended at the same kiosk from which they started. With many of the most popular stations downtown, it could be that the most common trips are sight-seeing ones.

At any rate, the similar start and end use for each kiosk explains why so many circles are purple -- it's a blend of blue dropoff circles with red starting ones. Unless you're going to 1350 Larimer Street, which is a whopping 22 percent more likely than leaving it on a B-Cycle. (That station is at the heart of the Auraria campus and right off the Cherry Creek Trail.)

So go on, bask in the reassuring purple, each bike back where it belongs.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the number of trips. The correct number is 363,002.

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