Same-sex marriages are less than a percent of all Denver marriages

Denver has the highest concentration of same-sex marriages in Colorado, but total numbers are still pretty low.
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The capitol steps packed with people after the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marraige in 2015. (Kevin J. Beaty) same sex; marraige; lgbtq; rally; capitol hill; kevinjbeaty;

Sure, Denver has the highest concentration of same-sex marriages in Colorado. But it's still not much -- roughly .82 percent of married couples in zip codes beginning with 802 chose a partner of the same gender, according to an analysis by the New York Times

It's possible the numbers are a bit higher -- the NYT is working under the assumption that most married couples filed jointly on their tax returns, and an estimated 97.5 percent do, according to the Treasury Department. Plus, there are seven zip codes at least partially in Denver that don't begin with 802.

At any rate, there are at least 1,236 same-sex marriages around Denver. It's pretty evenly split between gay and lesbian marriage in the city too; there are just seven more marriages between men than women.

The whole map is fun to look through and largely shows what you might expect -- higher rates of same-sex marriages in major cities and along the coast.

One thing I didn't expect was the higher rates of same-sex marriage in northern New Mexico, in the Santa Fe area. What does Santa Fe have that Denver doesn't, LGBTQ community?

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