Battlegrounds poll finds Trump within 1 point of Clinton in Colorado

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Is Colorado a swing state today? Yes, yes it is.

The latest poll from YouGov and CBS News shows Hillary Clinton with the support of 40 percent of likely voters in Colorado, while Donald Trump is at 39 percent.

The race has definitely tightened up, but it's hard to say how much Colorado itself has changed. The last YouGov/CBS poll in Colorado, released in June, found the exact same numbers. (Other polls have found anywhere from a 4-point Trump advantage to a 9-point Clinton lead in the last month.)

The national race is also locked in a dead heat, with Clinton leading Trump by 2 percentage points (46 to 44) in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.

One notable figure for Colorado: Among Trump's supporters, 54 percent said they were mostly voting against Clinton, rather than for Trump.

Among Clinton voters, about 40 percent said they were mostly voting against Trump.

The most popular descriptors for both candidates were "risky," "scary" and "tough." About 74 percent of all respondents called Trump "risky," compared to 59 percent for Clinton.

Also, Colorado's support for the third-party candidates is looking pretty typical. In both the Colorado and national poll, Libertarian Gary Johnson notched 7 percent while the Green Party's Jill Stein was polling at 2 percent.

That's a lower level of support for Johnson than two other recent polls that found double-digit levels of support for the Libertarian here. It calls into question how much the presence of third-party candidates is hurting Clinton, versus other dynamics in the race.

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