Kenneth Faried’s customized BMW i8 has his face on it

Power forward Kenneth Faried showed off his customized BMW i8 to Denverite.
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Kenneth Faried’s BMW i8 with scissor doors. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) kenneth faried; sports; nuggets; kevinjbeaty; cars; denverite; colorado; denver;

Kenneth Faried's BMW i8 with scissor doors. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Power forward Kenneth Faried didn't speak at the Denver Nuggets' annual media day Monday. Faried popped in to take team photos and left.

On his way out, he did get the chance to show off his customized BMW i8 to Denverite, who happened to be standing nearby.

A couple things about this.

Look closely at the logo on the back of the vehicle.

Look at those ears. And fangs. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

That appears to be a hybrid between Faried and some sort of animal. Possibly a lion? His ears are poking out pretty far. And he's got fangs. Fangs!

I wish I had a logo on my car that depicted me as my fanged, menacing alter-ego. I drive a maroon 2001 Nissan Maxima, so maybe it wouldn't look as cool. But still.

Faried's nickname is "Manimal," which you might be aware of if you've ever pulled up behind him at a stoplight.

His license plate is his nickname. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Faried is entering his sixth season with Denver. Last season, he averaged 12.5 points and 8.7 rebounds in 25.3 minutes. He's been the subject of trade rumors forever, but it looks like he's starting the season with Denver.

At least he's got a good car detail guy here.

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