Just kidding, Conor O’Neill’s isn’t closed forever

The owners of Conor O’Neill’s owe a lot of people apologies for the hangovers induced by last weekend’s farewell drinking, because they’re reopening.
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The owners of Conor O'Neill's owe a lot of people apologies for the hangovers induced by last weekend's farewell drinking, because they're reopening.

It was announced last week that the popular Boulder pub had to shut down because it lost money during construction next door and it couldn't come to an agreement with the landlord on rent. Naturally, many people were sad.

After the CU football game on Saturday, Conor O'Neill's was jam-packed with people soaking up their last hours in the bar. This intrepid reporter was there for several rounds of makeshift car bombs, with the Irish cream served in plastic cups because they "ran out" of shot glasses. Waitresses told tales of "not giving a f---" in their final days and we all lamented the loss of the old, grungier patio.

So it comes as a shock that the Daily Camera is reporting that the 17-year-old pub is going to reopen this Friday. An agreement was made after all.

"We want to stay for the foreseeable future," owner Colm O'Neill told the Camera. "They were very game to keep working to find a solution. We're hopeful it's going to work."

Most of the staff will return, the Camera reports, and the furniture and equipment is still there. The bar will probably need to replace some decorations that were stolen -- with the utmost love, I'm sure -- in that final weekend.

"All we need now is support, for people to come in," O'Neill said.

That shouldn't be a problem once we're all finally over Sunday's hangovers.

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