Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 8

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Your crash course in current Colorado events.

Also: fun stuff.

Residents of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea have more health issues than other Denverites

The link between those ailments and the neighborhoods' proximity to I-70 and I-25 has recently been a point of contention between activists and CDOT. (Denverite)

“What makes undecided voters so special?”

And other things we should talk about before tomorrow's debate. (Denverite)

Colorado Republicans respond to Trump

Rep. Mike Coffman says Donald Trump should "step aside." ( (Denverite)

And Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn is stillpraying about what he should do. (Denverite)

Beer by the numbers

What the stats say about the craft brewing industry. (Denverite)

Denver's Vision Zero Initiative gets a boost

The city got a $6 million grant to use technology to try to reduce traffic congestion. (Denverite)

The controversy on campus:

At the request of the student government, the University of Denver covered its free speech wall after what it called "hurtful" messages about race. (Denverite)

The first results from Denver Public Schools' lead testing

They indicate that the water in three schools is safe. (Chalkbeat)

Trevor Siemian is now 50-50 for tomorrow

Gary Kubiak would not name him as the starting QB against Atlanta. (AP)

And in college football...

The Buffs are looking to beat PAC 12 powerhouse USC for the first time ever today. (AP)

The DEA spends millions on unsuccessful marijuana eradication efforts

Lawmakers want to find better ways to spend the money. (DP)

10 beers to try at Great American Beer Fest

Use our scouting report from the first day to help you navigate the last day. (Denverite)

All the other things you could do today

If beer's not your thing, or you just want to drink beer while doing other things, we got you covered. (Denverite)

And here's the middle ground:

All the GABF events you don't need a GABF ticket to attend, and our picks for the best ones. (Denverite)

New Belgium CEO Christine Perich on craft brewers selling to beer giants:

"You have to know when you (sell), you’re walking away from your core values and beliefs." (Denverite)

Mike Malone: “Viral meningitis got me fired”

The Nuggets' coach thinks back on his days in Sacramento, when DeMarcus Cousins got very sick and he got fired. (Denverite)

Broncos vs. Falcons

The best defense in football meets the best offense in football tomorrow. (Denverite)

“All I’m saying is I wanna look back and say that I did it the best I could when I was stuck in this place”

...said a fictional character, but also maybe Carlos Gonzales. (Denverite)

Avalanche’s Gabe Landeskog no longer holds the record for being the youngest captain in NHL history

The Oilers' new captain beat him by 20 days. (DP)

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