You don’t even need to work for Chipotle’s two new free-food promotions

Chipotle has spent the past year wooing its customers back after a series of missteps.
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A Chipotle burrito. (Aranami/Flickr)

A Chipotle burrito. (Aranami/Flickr)

Chipotle announced — you guessed it — more free food. This week, the fast-casual restaurant chain launched two new promotions for free or reduced price food.

Remember Chipotle’s “A Love Story” collaboration with Pixar in July?

The company produced the four-minute short film to extol the integrity of fresh ingredients. It’s a romance with the feeling of "UP," accompanied by a Backstreet Boys cover that was performed by members of Alabama Shakes and My Morning Jacket.

Nostalgia factor: excessive. Cuteness: on point.

To-date it’s been viewed on YouTube more than 7 million times.

The chain resurrected the brand for a new online game that went live Tuesday. “A Love Story" game is a take on the traditional memory game, but Chipotle-fied. It requires users to match pairs of ingredients in less than one minute and penalizes for finding additives.

Although it's more like a slap on the wrist than a spanking. Win or lose, all players get a buy one, get one coupon.

The new promotion comes just one day after Chipotle announced its $3 "Boorito" Halloween deal. The promotion rewards all costumed customers with cheap burritos after 3:00 p.m. on Halloween.

Bustle reported that last year’s promotion required customers to get more creative with their costumes. This year is less restrictive by comparison, though Chipotle still limits the deal to one $3 burrito per customer. Of course, if you’ve got some awesome costumes stockpiled, they’d probably never know you came back for seconds. (Joking, obviously.)

Boorito proceeds totaling $1 million will be donated to The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, a nonprofit focused on sustainability.

Chipotle has spent the past year wooing its customers after a series of food borne illnesses, a cocaine scandal and allegations of wage theft damaged its reputation. The company’s earnings fell 19.9 percent to $1.2 billion in the first six months of 2016, compared to the same period in 2015.

Chipotle is set to release its third quarter earnings on Oct. 25.

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