Where am I? Who are you? A Denver photo game! “A new world is coming” edition

Do you know where in Denver this photo was taken?
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Where am I? (Dave Burdick/Denverite)

UPDATE: The answer is here

Hi, everybody! It’s time again for Where am I? Who are you? — a Denver photo game!

In this game, you take a look at a photo I took in Denver:

Where am I? (Dave Burdick/Denverite)

Then you answer two questions: Where in Denver am I? And who are you? There’s a form below where you can do that.

The first winner this time around will get a gif portrait (like this) taken sometime before the end of the year.

The first five winners will get shoutouts on our Twitter or Instagram accounts.

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Want to see the previous photo game? Here it is.

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