Prop 107 passes, giving Colorado voters a presidential primary

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Colorado voters want to give up their caucuses and return to a presidential primary by a large margin.

With an estimated 47 percent of votes counted from partial returns from 34 of Colorado's 64 counties, Proposition 107, which creates a presidential primary and allows unaffiliated voters to vote in them, has 63.8 percent of the vote. Just 36.2 percent of voters voted no.

Proposition 108, which allows unaffiliated voters to vote in the primaries that select candidates for other offices, like senator, representative and state legislator, is also passing but with a narrower margin. So far, 52.2 percent of voters said yes, compared to 47.8 percent who said no.

The Democratic and Republican parties opposed these measures, but a broad coalition of business and civic groups favored them.

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