Colorado winter: Snow for the mountains this week, and maybe Denver too

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Snowflakes, baby. (Sara2/Wikimedia Commons)

Colorado's ski mountains may get a bit of relief this week. The National Weather Service is showing a decent chance of snow on Thursday at resorts across the state.

Snowflakes, baby. (Sara2/Wikimedia Commons)

Winter Park has 60 percent chances, Breckenridge has 60 percent, Copper has 50 percent, Vail has 30 percent. More snow may follow on Friday.

In Denver, we're looking at a possibility of precipitation, but it may be more rain than snow, according to NWS.

What's happening, according to Weather5280, is that the "ridge" of high-pressure air over the West may be giving way, allowing cold air to blast in. However, warm temperatures may return as early as the weekend.

This still is not the latest snowfall Denver has seen. In 1934, the first inch of snow fell on Nov. 21.

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