Dumb Friends League accepted 79 dogs from a Texas shelter

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The Dumb Friends League brought 80 dogs cross country to their Denver facility to help out an overburdened Texas shelter. (Courtesy of Dumb Friends League)

The Dumb Friends League brought about 80 dogs across state lines to help out an overburdened Texas shelter. (Courtesy of Dumb Friends League)

 A Denver animal shelter accepted 79 dogs from an over-full North Texas animal shelter Wednesday, in hopes of finding them homes for the holiday—and forever.

Dogs of all different kinds of breeds made their way across state lines Nov. 18 and Nov. 23, from an undisclosed animal shelter in northern Texas to Denver-based Dumb Friends League.

The Texas shelter at which the dogs were most recently housed took good care of the animals, spokesperson Jenny Herren said, but it had passed its capacity.

"There are so many dogs of every size and breed just huddled in kennels down there," Duane Adams, vice president of operations of the Dumb Friends League, said in statement. "They are lonely and begging for attention, and most are housed outdoors in the elements. All of them need a home.”

The dogs are being housed at the Dumb Friends League 2080 Quebec St. location, as well as at the Buddy Center at 4556 Castleton Ct. in Castle Rock.

After the transfer, dogs are evaluated for health and microchipped before being offered up for adoption. Some dogs from last week's transfer have already found new homes.

This dog looks ready for a new home in Colorado. (Courtesy of Dumb Friends League)

Dumb Friends League has already scheduled two additional transfers from the Texas shelter on Dec. 1 and 2. Anywhere from 40 to 60 more doggie transplants will be coming to Dumb Friends League this week, and Herren expects more transfers before the winter weather worsens road conditions.

The Dumb Friends League’s facilities can hold about 800 animals at a time. The large capacity has enabled them to help other shelters in-need. But, Herren said, they always take care of Colorado dogs first. Last year, a dog's length of stay averaged about eight days before adoption.

Visit Dumb Friends League’s website to view the current dogs, cats, small mammals and horses for adoption.

If you aren't in the position to adopt, Dumb Friends League's annual holiday fundraiser, Paws to Give, requires much less commitment. Animal lovers can visit the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver, the Buddy Center in Castle Rock and the Harmony Equine Center in Franktown to donate and fill out a paw decoration with a personal message.

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