Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Jan. 14

Curl up with some news.
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The 2017 National Western Stock Show kicks off Jan. 7 in Denver. (Courtesy of National Western Stock Show)

(Courtesy of National Western Stock Show)

Curl up with some news. It's pretty "bleh" out there.

Or get thee to a cozy coffee shop.

We've helpfully and scientifically measured the coziness of all the coffee shops in Capitol Hill: Amethyst, Drip, Roostercat, Pablo's, Black Eye and Thump. (Denverite)

Meanwhile, some students have been measuring water, electricity and poop.

They're evaluating the cost per-cow of the National Western Stock Show. It looks and sounds messy. (Denverite)

Colorado home owners could get a tax cut thanks to rising values.

But that's bad news for local governments, which will have to find a way to cover the $170 million shortfall that creates for school districts. (DP)

Nolan Arenado will play for Colorado for at least two more years.

The rockies will pay him $29.5 million. That theory that the Rockies are just trying to be the best-looking team really is compelling. (Denverite)

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center recorded about 400 avalanches this year.

Four-hundred avalanches this yearThe year is not even 14 days old. That's more than one avalanche per hour. (CBS)

A Denver venue will get a little less local.

Globeville music venue and barbecue joint Globe Hall has been bought by the owner of the Larimer Lounge and Lost Lake Lounge, who will change little beyond the booking. But that's a meaningful change. The former owner said local bands weren't bringing in enough business. (Denverite)

A convicted rapist is suing the Denver Police Department because he hasn't been allowed to register has a sex offender.

You read that right. (DP)

Today in the Denver:
  • Cupcake and beer pairing.
  • And if for some reason that's not enough, there's also a tribute to Leroy Anderson, a metal benefit show for homeless people, a craft bonanza and, as ever, a whole lot more. (Denverite)
Going somewhere via I-70?

Hold up, wait a minute. (Denverite)

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