Watch Tyson Jost’s grandfather cry tears of joy at his NHL debut with the Avalanche, try not to cry too

There was something in my eye, too.
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Last night, 19-year-old Tyson Jost made his NHL debut with the Colorado Avalanche, but the real star at the Pepsi Center was his grandfather, who was crying tears of joy

There was something in my eye, too.

I mean, look...

He also got a little misty during a mid-game interview, too, but I haven't found a clip of that.

It's a pretty touching story, as they pointed out on Altitude last night. When Jost left Alberta, Canada, to play hockey juniors hockey in the U.S., his grandfather and grandmother moved him so he'd have family in American and his mother and sister could stay home.

This isn't the first round of proud tears, either. Jost's grandfather also cried during the 2016 draft, at which he was Colorado's first-round pick.

Anyway, Jost -- who only played one season at the University of North Dakota before he was drafted -- had a pretty high-pressure first go at professional hockey. The game ended in a shootout and a win, though Jost missed his shot.

“Amazing, a dream come true. I know it’s a cliche, but it really was,” he told reporters after the game. “It’s something I’m going to remember for a long, long time. Having my family come down and being in the crowd is pretty special.”

I pictured grandpa crying as he said this and now I'm crying again.

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