John Hickenlooper talks presidential prospects on “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper enters the House chambers before his annual State of the State Address. Jan. 12, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) state of the state; copolitics; politics; governor john hickenlooper; capitol; kevinjbeaty; colorado; denver; denverite;

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who is also some sort of weed and beer emperor to the rest of the country. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

How many weed and beer jokes can you fit into 3.5 minutes?

The NPR quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” this week managed to cram in 12 during a segment with guest Governor John Hickenlooper. If that doesn't sound like a lot, trust me, it feels like a lot. 

Naturally, the segment had another fun Colorado trope: Hickenlooper talking about how he's not really thinking about running for president. This time, Hickenlooper said, "We'll see."

Asked about 2020, Hickenlooper mentioned all the days he has left in office and offered the following:

"We're going to keep 100 percent of our concentration on [the state of Colorado] -- no pac, no committees to run for office. In two years, everyone else is running and we'll see."

If you want to listen for yourself, the answer starts at about four minutes in.

Other than that, Hickenlooper didn't drop any bombshells. He did talk a bit about losing two games of pool to Obama back in 2014. Apparently, Obama had a pool table in the third floor of the White House.

Then, Hickenlooper played the "Not my job" quiz and won, answering two out of three questions correctly. The audience helped him on the last one, proving that power does emanate from the people after all.

Methodology: Were there really a dozen different jokes about pot in roughly three minutes? Yes, and here's what I counted, with approximate timestamps:

  • 0:25 A joke about how grateful Wynkoop customers elected Hickenlooper mayor.
  • 0:45 A joke about Sam Adams being the last brewer elected to office. In 200 years, will Wynkoop beer suck?
  • 1:10 With 350 breweries and weed, does anyone work?
  • 1:24 Does work-life balance mean beer and pot?
  • 1:35 Not possible to have neither beer or pot in Colorado.
  • 1:40 The cornnuts people love Colorado because munchies.
  • 1:45 Cheetos are also flying off the shelf because munchies.
  • 2:04 How many governors want to get high with Hickenlooper? Zero, according to him.
  • 2:26 Weed is still monitored at a federal level, ergo all of the audience is drug criminals.
  • 2:30 Did Hick and Obama ever "hash out" differences over weed? Did you get that hash is a reference to marijuana?
  • 2:43 Did the two ever get into the weeds? Weed is also a name for pot. (Ha ha ha.)
  • 3:10 A wry comment about how Obama enjoyed "pre-legal" marijuana.

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