What $415,000 buys you in Denver and three other real estate markets

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The interior of a $415,000 Denver home. Read on to see how it compared. (Courtesy of Redfin)

The interior of a 5,000 Denver home. Read on to see how it compared. (Courtesy of Redfin)

A few weeks ago, Denver single family homes took another step toward to a new normal price: more than $400,000 dollars.

So what does the new normal look like? We've got a look at one $415,000 home in the city, plus what that would buy you in three other cities.


This half of a brick duplex in historic Whittier is just as good-looking as you'd expect. You also get wood trim and a cool fireplace detail. But only two bedrooms makes this listing feel a little pricey.


No spoilers, but one scene in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 takes place in a nondescript Minneapolis. It might have been more memorable if it took place in this cute Minneapolis home. This is the biggest home by square footage and has fun cabinetry details.


This is the smallest one of the bunch in terms of square footage, but it doesn't look that way, at least not to me.


This Colonial home looks like it could fit into a Hollywood rom com easily. The nice wide living room with yellow panels is where I'd set Tina Fey's baby shower and the kitchen overlooking a lush backyard is where something zany would be happening with the cake. You can see it too right?

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