Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, July 29

Kendrick Lamar, the UMS, an office for private-public partnerships and more.
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Jocko Homo, the Devo Tribute Band, plays the Skylark Lounge during the UMS, July 28, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) ums; music; concert; underground music showcase; south broadway; skylark lounge; denver; denverite; colorado; kevinjbeaty; divo;

Jocko Homo, the DEVO tribute band, plays the Skylark Lounge during the UMS, July 28, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

We've got a big, possibly rainy day ahead, Denver. Let's get to it.

Reminder No. 1: Kendrick Lamar is here today

And even if you're not going to the show at the Pepsi Center because you refuse to give scalpers your money (and you are stronger than me), you can check out his pop-up shop at 84 S. Broadway from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Denverite)

Reminder No. 2: The UMS is in full swing

If you haven't read the oral history, I highly recommend it. Not because I reported it, but because it has gems like this from Hi-Dive owner Matty Clark:

I could regale you with the time I ate mushrooms with A Tom Collins in Nathaniel Rateliff’s pool before setting off a boatload of illegal fireworks in the middle of Broadway during a Dirty Few set, or the impromptu 1 a.m. Sunday Zebroids set in 2012 where we played on the floor and whipped the crowd into the most violent and beer-soaked sweaty mass ever, but my favorite UMS moment ever is probably UMS 2007. I was brand new at the Hi-Dive and Sputnik, and didn’t really know any of my co-workers or many of the regulars. Hot IQs and Born in the Flood closed out the night and people were finally opening up to me. We were getting our asses kicked at Sputnik. Bill Murphy from the Swayback was so drunk behind the bar he straight-up fell over. And in that moment I looked around and realized I was home.

Sounds fun, right? One-day passes are $35, but if you're going to go today and tomorrow, the $55 full-fest pass is the way to go. (Denverite)

And here's everything else that's going on today

That includes the 17th annual Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, the Colorado Lives on the Line rally, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" with the Colorado Symphony and a whole lot more. (Denverite)

Denver wants to create an office for public-private partnerships

That means, as Erica explains, "an office within city government that will screen, vet and shepherd public-private partnerships related to major city projects, like the redevelopment of the National Western Center and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts — and other projects the city might not even have anticipated yet."

City Council has some concerns about this. (Denverite)

Here’s why Denver’s thinking about center-lane buses on Colfax

The project would make he Colfax Bus Rapid Transit into true bus rapid transit. Megan breaks it down. (Denverite)

The politics of health care are creeping up on Cory Gardner

Even if you don't feel like reading this today, give it a click for the unfortunate-for-him and great-for-us image of Sen. John Thune. (DP)

The worst internet in America is in Colorado

No, not in your Denver apartment. It's in Saguache County. Clare Malone and Morgan Levy took a deep, beautiful dive on what must be an incredibly frustrating issue. (FiveThirtyEight)

How much house can you get for your rent?

With a $1,419-per-month budget for rent — the average metro Denver rent — a person could buy a 1,458-square-foot home in Colorado. (DBJ)

Rainfall is below normal right now

It does seem like the afternoon storms have been less reliable this summer. This weekend should help, though. (DP)

The Broncos are losing Shane Ray for six to eight weeks

The linebacker will undergo surgery Saturday to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist. He's the second key player with a wrist injury in just two days of training camp. (AP)

And the Rockies got rained out last night

So get ready for a double-header in D.C. on Sunday. (AP)

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