Help us document social distancing in Denver

We don’t want to come into your house, so tell us what it’s like!
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Let’s do this, Denver.

As a photographer, it's very difficult for me not to ask if I can come into all of your homes to take your portraits. I want so badly to document the places where you're spending all of your time during social distancing. From a journalistic perspective, it feels super-important to record what life is actually like now. From a public health perspective, it's probably better if I don't become a virus vector and spread it all around town.

So, instead, Denverite needs your help. Will you please take a portrait of yourself, record your voice and send it all to us? Will you also please share this ask with people you know in every corner of the city? We want very much for this project to offer a widespread, diverse look at everyone who calls the Denver metro home.

Email photos and voice recordings to [email protected] with "social isolation archive" in the subject line. There are some guidelines below on how to proceed.

We'll compile all of the stories and keep them for posterity. And, update, the Denver Public Library Western History Collection has agreed to house some of the submissions (if not all, depending on how many we get). So spread the word and help us make a history-worthy project!

We're also thinking about making a time capsule for this moment. Is there a mask, a pair of pajama pants or a box set of "The Office" seasons that you feel like would go well in such a thing? If so, please let us know in your email.

If you have any technical issues or questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call 720.441.5092.

Want to see a good example? Here's Desiree Collins' story.

Here's me, in a selfie I took. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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