A ballot measure could ban most Colorado pot as too potent

  • The Denver Sheriff’s Department’s new use of force policy will “hopefully” result in fewer deaths
  • This ballot measure would ban most Colorado pot as too potent (DP)
  • Denver voters will decide whether to raise an extra $628 million — about $110 per year for a home valued at $329,000 — for schools (Chalkbeat)
  • Graduate student employees at CU-Boulder are getting a raise, but they say it’s not enough to get by in Boulder (BDC)
  • The struggle continues on the A Line (7)
  • The voice in your audiobook might be a Denver actor, so don’t be too startled if you hear it on the street
  • Tonight: Head over to Abend Gallery to taste wine in support of Dirt Coffee Bar, or stop by Renegade Brewing to meet artist Saner (Westword)