Prison-defense killer Antero Alaniz wins another round in Colorado court

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A Colorado prisoner who killed a fellow inmate and then successfully claimed immunity under a "Make My Day" law has won another round in court.

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 Friday that Antero Alaniz properly used Colorado's law authorizing deadly force against intruders in the 2011 killing of a fellow inmate at the Sterling Correctional Facility.

Alaniz and cellmate Aaron Bernal were charged with murder in the death of inmate Cleveland Flood. Flood was stabbed 90 times after he entered Bernal and Alaniz's unlocked cell.

Murder charges were dismissed after Alaniz and Bernal argued Flood intruded their home. Colorado lawmakers have since amended the law to say a prison cell doesn't count.

The state hasn't said whether it plans to appeal the dismissal to the state Supreme Court.

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