Marijuana may end up with more women leaders than other industries

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

staff photo

A study by the University of Denver found that women are more common in leadership roles for new and evolving industries. 

That may be true for legal marijuana too, as a recent feature in The Atlantic argued.

The Atlantic article is built from a pretty interesting figure: 36 percent of executives in legal marijuana reportedly are women. I would take that figure with a big, unscientific grain of salt, because it was the result of an online survey by Marijuana Business Daily.

Still, The Atlantic’s reporter, Emily Deruy, found that businesswomen in Denver do see a certain appeal in the cannabis industry.

One consultant says it’s a better-work life balance than her senior role at Bank of America offered. Others said marijuana’s novelty presented a chance to rewrite old expectations.

Now the challenge is to expand on that opportunity. One group trying to do that is Women Grow, a women’s cannabis business network with roots in Denver.