Did you know DIA has a pet park?

Where to go when your dog needs to relieve itself at the airport.
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(Courtesy of Denver International Airport)

Denver International Airport's pet hotel, Paradise 4 Paws. (Courtesy of DIA)

Unless you fly with your dog, you've probably never thought about it.

Denver International Airport has a pet park, which is a nicer way of saying it has pet potty. The small, fenced-in area is on the west side of the Jeppesen Terminal, on the second level next to the parking garage, outside door 200.

That means your pet's last chance to go will be before going through security.

It's required by law.

Airports that serve more than 10,000 passengers a year are required by a recent update of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to have an area where animals can relieve themselves.

DIA is, of course, way past that threshold. It served 53.4 million passengers in 2014.

There's also a pet hotel.
(Courtesy of DIA)

If you're not bringing your furry friend along and didn't get a sitter, she can stay at the airport.

The Paradise 4 Paws hotel is at the WorldPort facility, 24735 E. 75th Ave., just east of the Pikes Peak shuttle lot.

It has more than 25,000 square feet of space and 24-hour service. Dog suites overlook an indoor play area with grass, rubber flooring and a pool. If your pup is really fancy, you can get her one of the suites with flat-screen TVs that play "canine-friendly programming." Those suites also have 24-hour web cams. There is even a special wing for dogs that weight less than 25 pounds.

And cats have not been forgotten. Just look at how their area is described on the DIA website:

"Cats have their own gated community of bungalows, that overlook an Adventure Jungle where felines can climb and explore custom-made cat trees."


Paradise 4 Paws has veterinary assistants on-site. It also offers obedience training for dogs, cat and dog grooming and pet massages.

For more information, go to Paradise4PawsDenver.com.

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