The Smithsonian may memorialize the Colorado walk-out at the Republican National Convention

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A sign for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Erik Drost / Flickr)

While we were all busy tweeting about it, the Smithsonian Institution decided to grab a piece of history from Colorado conservatives' act of rebellion at the Republican National Convention.

As the Denver Post reports, a curator asked the delegation if the museum could keep the big triangular sign that marks Colorado's territory on the floor.

The sign, as you'll see below, mostly says COLORADO. It has historic value because it's pretty unusual for a whole delegation to walk out in the middle of a convention, as Colorado's delegates apparently did on Monday.

Of course, this doesn't mean you'll see the thing on display in Washington, D.C. The institution's curators are always on patrol for interesting objects, and there should be plenty of competition from this year's RNC.

Head over to Post reporter John Frank's Twitter feed for an inside view of all this craziness, and check the Post's story for a few interesting quotes on the walk-out.

Also, there's still some debate over whether the walk-out really happened.

At least one delegate has claimed that the group was going to dinner, CBS reports. That's interesting, considering that the walkout happened at 4:20 in the afternoon, as Westword notes.

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