Rep. Dan Pabon of Denver asked a police officer for ways out of a DUI arrest

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

staff photo

Dan Pabon, a Democratic state representative in Denver, asked numerous ways whether he could avoid being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Pabon, who will be facing Ben Higgins of The Bachelor in an upcoming election, was charged on March 17 with a DUI. Video from an officer’s body camera, shared by KDVR, shows the arrest.

“I’m a state representative,” he told the officer early in the encounter, noting that his official plates were on his wife’s car.

“How can we find ourselves allowing you to performing duty allow me to –” he said soon after.

“I cannot let this go. It’s not worth my job,” the officer responded later.

Several minutes on, after failing a preliminary breath-alcohol test, Pabon said: “Is there a possibility that we can have my wife come and pick me up or my family member pick me up right now?”

The officer responded that Pabon could be picked up after processing.

“No, I just mean, before you –” Pabon replied. The officer was having none of it, noting that it would look very bad with “the current environment with law enforcement.”

Pabon suggested that the officer put in a call with his supervisor or the city attorney. The officer said they would be notified.

Pabon asked: “Is there any way that we can avoid this possibility?”

He added: “This is going to change my life right now.”

Pabon later offered a tearful apology on the statehouse floor, and this week pleaded guilty to driving under the influence.