‘Surfer from Colorado’ survives crocodile attack in Costa Rica

A Colorado surfer was in serious condition after a crocodile attack in Costa Rica, the Associated Press reports.
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A Colorado surfer was in serious but stable condition Saturday after being attacked by a large crocodile in Costa Rica, the Associated Press reports.

John Becker, 59, sustained a serious leg injury Friday after the attack at a popular tourist beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Becker's was the third and most severe crocodile attack on a surfer in the area in the last three years, The Tico Times reports.

Becker was crossing a river with a friend when the crocodile attacked him. The crocodile bit Becker several times on the leg and head before his friend reportedly used his bare hands to fight the reptile off, according to the AP.

Becker sustained minor injuries to his face, lost large quantities of blood and had to have his right leg amputated, according to The Tico Times.

Other Costa Rican media reported that Becker suffered partial amputation of his right ankle and most of his calf muscle was stripped.

It's unclear where Becker is from in Colorado, but he has a residence in Costa Rica, according to the AP.

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