Colorado’s DNC delegation brings Hillary support, Bernie support, and a little “outrage” as the Democrats seek unity

The Democratic National Convention is getting off to a bumpy start.
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The Democratic National Convention is getting off to a bumpy start, with leaked emails, the pending resignation of party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and lingering discontent from some supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. There is talk of a challenge to Sen. Tim Kaine's nomination for vice president.

Tonight's theme is "United Together" and Sanders is scheduled to speak. Look for him to emphasize the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency.

Expect Colorado's delegation to be in the thick of things, as Sanders beat Clinton by 19 points back in March. Colorado's 78-member delegation includes 41 Sanders delegates, 25 Clinton delegates and 12 unpledged delegates.

Channel 4 reports that Sanders supporters from Colorado plan to meet at 2 p.m. today with the candidate to discuss next steps. What that means isn't entirely clear even to those supporters. Sanders, of course, has urged his backers to vote for Clinton.

“I’m not sure what my demonstration is going to look like. I am very, very angry at my party. I have been a Democrat for a long, long time”, Anita Lynch of Denver said. She's not planning to change her vote. She's not alone.

Sanders backers have been pushing for a roll call vote of the delegates to show the strength of support for him and for more progressive positions on economic issues. And it's looking like that may happen.

Clinton has her share of enthusiastic supporters, though.

Duran, the Colorado House Democratic leaders, is scheduled to speak on Thursday night. She told the Denver Post she'll be telling a story of women and Latinos in Colorado, a story of blue-collar union roots and one generation pushing the other to higher levels of achievement.

“It’s an amazing opportunity and an amazing moment, when we’re on the verge of having the first woman president, not because she is a woman but because she has the right vision for America,” Duran said.

The other Colorado politician taking a turn on the national stage is Gov. (not vice presidential candidate) John Hickenlooper, who is speaking on Thursday.

Be prepared for people to read into things this week.

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