Some of those Sanders delegates just wanted a sandwich

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I've heard 1,000. I've heard 200. Some number of delegates loyal to Bernie Sanders walked out of the convention after Hillary Clinton was nominated Tuesday evening. Not all of them were protesting, though.

The Colorado Independent's Corey Hutchins has an inside account.

Some of the delegates were angry or heart-broken.

"We knew we wanted to do something, we weren’t sure what it was," Nita Lynch, 74, told the Independent. "The word got out. Now it’s time to go."

Sanders delegates marched out and occupied a media tent. Some wore bandanas or tape over their mouths to show their voices had been silenced.

"We had to do something to show the world and all those who voted for us and donated to us that the Colorado Bernie delegates are not just rolling over and letting them portray us as a Hillary state," Kona Morris, another protest participant, said.

Others were just hungry. Here's Sanders delegate JoyAnn Keener-Ruscha:

"I went from crying when Sanders moved to nominate Clinton by acclamation to crying because we just nominated a woman to be president. It was very emotional. But myself and three other delegates got up to get sandwiches, not because we were going to go protest. And judging by the lines at the bathrooms and the food stands, we were not the only ones."

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