Darryl Glenn’s father was charged in the 1983 incident too

There’s more today to suggest that a young Darryl Glenn really did suffer a violent home life decades ago.

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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There’s more today to suggest that a young Darryl Glenn really did suffer a violent home life decades ago.

The Denver Post earlier reported that Glenn was criminally charged, but not convicted, for hitting his late father in the face. Glenn claimed no memory of the incident and suggested that it was a records mistake. The Post found reports indicating that it really was him, and questioned his honesty in an editorial.

Last week, Glenn said that he fought his father because he was protecting his mother from his father. Domestic violence, in other words.

In an editorial, the Post said it was “difficult to believe” he could have forgotten such an incident, or the court proceedings, asking whether this was a “cover-up” or an “epiphany spurred by controversy.”

That brings us to today. The Post’s newest reporting shows that Glenn’s father also was charged with assault in the 1983 confrontation. That likely means someone in the household reported that the father also had attacked the son, providing another strike against the idea that Glenn randomly struck his father.

The 1983 charges were the only ones on the records of Glenn and his father, who is deceased.