People complaining about Bassnectar are now part of their very own super-bass track

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Bassnectar plays Coachella. (Drew Ressler/Wikimedia/Creative Commons share alike)

As you may have heard, especially if you live anywhere in Stapleton or Commerce City, last weekend's Bassnectar concert at Dick's Sporting Goods Park was very, very loud.

This made some people very, very annoyed. And now some madman has taken those people's angry, angry words and made YET MORE BASS. (bwooonngggg!!!)

A couple choice TV news quotes from this track:

"I thought it was an earthquake. I went outside, and I looked, and I realized – it was bass."

"This concert Saturday night promised a sonic boom – and it delivered."

Bassnectar is part of a scene that worships loud, deep sounds, so some bassheads have taken all this as a great compliment.

Will there be reverberations for Commerce City?

The Dick's venue doesn't have any noise level restrictions, which is part of why Bassnectar moved his shows there from Red Rocks. Previously, people living in Morrison had complained about noise from electronic acts.

Bassnectar complained that Red Rocks' restrictions would make his set sound like it came from "laptop speakers," so he moved to Dick's this year instead.

He certainly delivered the noise, but the Commerce City government says the show stayed within the noise limits for its permit, CBS4 reports. The set reportedly ended around midnight.

The Commerce City Council has asked staff to review procedures, which is pretty much what city councils always do when something controversial happens.

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