Bella, Lucy, Charlie, Daisy, Max: Denver’s trendiest dogs, by the numbers

…Daisy, Max, Buddy, Sadie, Luna, Lola, Rocky. Here are the top dog names and breeds in Denver.

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Dogs on the lawn at Washington Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Dogs on the lawn at Washington Park. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Sure, your dog is a good dog, but is she a popular one?

Statistically speaking, Denverite can answer that. Data from the Denver Animal Shelter confirms that yes, there are a lot of dogs here. 22,860 licensed since 2015 alone.

We’ve got a look at the top breeds and names, including what the most popular type of dog is in your zip code.

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Woof. (Kevin Beaty and Megan Arellano/Denverite)

And here’s where all those dogs are concentrated, plus the most popular name in your area.

Areas with three question marks didn’t have a most popular name. That happened most frequently because those zip codes had very few dogs, either because the zip code is only partly in Denver or very small.

Finally, in a great act of life imitating art, there is only one dog in Denver named Bill Murray. I hear he’s great at parties.