Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 10

A round-up of all the news Denverite’s need to know for the day.
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Rocky Mountain National Park (Kevin J. Beaty) rocky mountain national park; nature; tourism; wilderness; kevinjbeaty


Internal emails reveal what really happened in that elevator Donald Trump got stuck in Colorado Springs (7)

Colorado is one of the 11 states Clinton and Trump have marked on their road maps to the White House. So far they've visited us three times since the conventions ended.


Colorado's new rain barrel law takes effect today. What will you do with all your rain first? (CPR)

Make the most out of our state treasures. Here's a two-minute guide to Colorado's National Parks. (5280)


Authorities are investigating an industrial accident that led to the death of a worker at a warehouse in Denver.


Colorado’s Mallory Pugh is now the youngest U.S. women’s player to score an Olympic goal.

The Rockies' bullpen blew a late lead... again. Colorado's playoff chances aren't looking great. (DP)


The small town of Florence will be the main location for a Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Netflix film. (Gazette)

Where exactly is Florence you ask...

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