Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Aug. 18

Here’s the good, the bad and the hilarious news in Denver.


Here’s the good, the bad and the hilarious news in Denver.


It’s going to be a fairly unpredictable day, as usual. Maybe bring an umbrella, if you have one of those.


DIA might get a zipline, in case you some how have tie to spare and feel like fake flying before real flying. Suggestion: A zipline through security. Zipline SecurityLine™. (Denverite)


Facing a heroin and painkiller overdose epidemic, CVS pharmacies in Colorado will now offer an opioid antidote, no prescription necessary. (Denverite)

Real estate

The former Emily Griffith Opportunity School in downtown Denver could be sold to a local hotel developer. (DBJ)

Denver just got 66 units of affordable housing at the Yale light-rail station. They became available yesterday. (Denverite)


The Rockies had one very good inning yesterday, so now we can all have cheap tacos today. (Denverite)

Broncos quarterbacks look good in joint practice with 49ers, but we still don’t know who the starter will be. (DP)

Denver Nugget Nikol Jokic pantsed his poor teammate at the Olympics, making a seventh-grade anxiety nightmare come true. (Denverite)

Poor choices

“I’ll have a kind of fun ‘hey look at me, I’m an idiot’ type story to tell for the rest of my life,” says the man who got stuck overnight on a flatiron. His friends told him to call for a rescue, but he was worried about the cost.  (9) ?